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  • Technological and standard printing enterprise
      Guangzhou Gold Horse Printing Company is a sentinel printing enterprise of press and publishing of Guanzhou. Gold Horse Printing Company, which is located in Shaluo industrial Park, Cuiyuan Road, Dongsha Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou, is close to convenient transport. This enterprise has a plant area of more than 10000 square meters and employees over 300 people. Moreover, it has high-tech production equipments and the capital is near 50 million RMB.

      Gold Horse Printing Company strictly enforces the ISO Quality Management Systems, especially G7 standard. The management and monitoring cover from pre-press work, papers, ink to machines, which makes we have the top printing quality and our products will definitely give you satisfaction assured. "

    Advanced business philosophy
      ·Introducing advanced abroad machinery equipment to achieve industry-leading position and meet the greatest needs of our customers.
      ·Enforcing accurate production management process to ensure the stability of high-quality and maximize the benefits of our customers.
      ·Following the small profits but quick turnover to reduce the input cost of our customers and build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.
      ·Adhere to the interests of our customers first to provide professional one-on-one service and specific solutions to our customers.

    Pragmatic codes of conduct
      ·Credit(keep promises and customers always come first)
      ·Efficiency(great time efficiency and service upmost)
      ·Accuracy (Be progressive and detail-oriented)