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Album Printing

  •     Looking at various album printing process, printing technology undergoes a qualitative change from the ancient manual printing to the modern hith-tech digital printing . Printing industry is a traditional old industry which has a long history. With the rapid development of domestic and international maket economy . Printing plants increase owing to the sharply demand of market. Therefore, the industry competition becomes more and more intense,printing price is more transparency, profits is more lower, cost is more higher. So, Chinese printing market when it faces the commercial opportunities and chances, is also accompanied by the crisis.
        Such as album printing, any individual or customers, are expected to find high quality and inexpensive printing plants, select the lowest price printing factory to cooperation. However, In opinion of most customers and printing enterprises, album printing is just a simple inanimate industrial process. But we don’t agree that, we believe printing is an art which is accomplished with designers.
        With the rapid economic growth, there is an increase in the labour costs. Pringting competition has increased in each fields as well. China is no longer an inexpensive printing center that will restrain the development of printing industry. Therefore,small and medium-sized printing enterprises take order with ow prices ,high costs ,low profits to maintain their daily operations. In order to reduce the cost of printing . Some enterprises no longer pay attention to the pringting process or completely ingore the quality .Such printing quality of products is very hard to last the cooperation with customers.
       Publicizing and enhancing company’s visibility is all album printing’s purpose. Its quality level will directly affect the overall image of enterprise. Our company has strictly require the album .Such as album’s photos must be clear ,text composition and page structures have to meet public’s aesthetic demands .We strive to make printing process become better. Printing out high quality products that meet the great need of our customers requirements is our obligations and responsibilities.
        We focus on the pursuit of the printing process. Every detail, every color matching and use ,every gold stamping using and so on. We are more professional in Professional album printing and in pursuit of high quality.